London Fashion Week Spring 2024: 5 Designers to Watch

One of the best parts about London fashion week, (aside from the fish and chips and perfectly steeped tea, of course) is seeing the fresh and exciting range of emerging talent. London is the place to be if you are a new designer—and when I visit the English city each season, I leave feeling hopeful for fashion’s future. This spring 2024 season is a stacked one, as NEWGEN—a BFC initiative that supports green fashion designers—is celebrating 30 years. Paolo Carzana, Harri, Yuhan Wang, Conner Ives, Feben, Standing Ground, and Chet Lo are just a few NEWGEN brands that have been making waves in the fashion industry. And Holzweiler, Aaron Esh, Eirinn Hayhow, and Mains London by Skepta are all new additions to this season’s calendar that we are eager to see. Below, we’ve rounded up a list of all the brands we’re most looking forward to checking out at

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15 Highlights From London Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2023

After a pared back event at last fashion week following the death of Queen Elizabeth, this month’s London Fashion Week returned full swing with a 127 brands proving London’s role as a global style leader. From a multi-media, multi-venue experience by Edeline Lee to designers from seven African countries showing for the first time, to upcycled sneakers by Helen Kirkum, here are fifteen of the highlights in a strong showcase of talent.

Edeline Lee

In an homage to London, the city she loves, to its heritage and creativity, Canadian-British designer Edeline Lee presented a brilliant guerrilla-style, immersive show in collaboration with film director Zeina Durra. Viewers were guided on a short walk through Burlington Arcade and surrounds, encountering dancers, singers, musicians and models along the way wearing Edeline Lee designs. The collection on show included the house’s signature Flou Bubble Jacquard

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