Ciara’s Fashion Brand Is About More Than Clothes

House of LR&C, which encompasses three different lines, is on a mission to change fashion from the inside.

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When Ciara set out to add fashion designer to her long list of titles and accomplishments, it wasn’t about checking a box or building up her personal brand. It was about creating something that could lead toward a more sustainable fashion industry. For her, The House of LR&C Fashion — which encompasses her women’s brand LITA, her husband Russell Wilson’s brand Good Man Brand, and their gender-neutral line, Human Kind — was about a larger mission.

“We wanted to take a different approach. We talked about democratizing fashion … We knew our mission ultimately was to impact people through it.” Ciara exclusively told InStyle after her panel discussion at the United Nations Conscious Fashion and Lifestyle Network Annual Meeting last week, co-convened by the Fashion Impact Fund and the United Nations Office

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