Chicago fashion designer Robin Harris setting standard in partnerships with women athletes

There is success to be found in a well-timed direct message on social media.

Just ask Model Atelier founder and CEO Robin Harris.

‘‘When I started as a designer, I needed to figure out how to get my designs to tall women,’’ Harris said. ‘‘I slid into a [WNBA] player’s DMs and said: ‘Hey, I love your look. I think you will look amazing in our brand. Can I do a photo shoot with you?’ ’’

That player was Cheyenne Parker, whom the Sky had selected fifth overall in the 2015 WNBA Draft. (She now plays for the Dream.)

The relationship Harris fostered with Parker, who responded to her DM with a resounding ‘‘yes,’’ led to an official partnership with the Sky in 2016 and the Women’s National Basketball Players Association in 2018. Both partnerships put Model Atelier on the map, Harris said, and helped her to establish relationships

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