Mozambique Fashion Week: Open call for aspiring Mozambican fashion designers, models

Every year, Mozambique Fashion Week (MFW) seeks to expand, to leverage national production in the industry and offer its many followers a quality event with a variety of designers and models that add value to the event, to the fashion sector and to Mozambican arts and culture.

MFW acts also as a platform for discovering, encouraging, training and promoting Mozambican fashion. We believe that part of this comes from giving openness and ease to young and small entrepreneurs to walk and take their small steps to conquer their careers and business success.

According to the statement sent to Moz Entretenimento, the MFW team will be receiving applications for its 18th edition, where designers and models can showcase their talent and take their place in the fashion world.

Enrolment for candidates in the areas of fashion, design and catwalk have been taking place on the event’s website since July 18. This

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