These Legacy Design Brands Honor Generations of Expectations

This article is part of our Design special section about new interpretations of antique design styles.

Tabloid newspapers and television dramas have sharpened our appetites for horror stories about family businesses, of Machiavellian parents seated on the thrones of their capitalist empires manipulating their power-mad children like chess pawns.

While there has yet to be a legacy design company that could prop up a TV show like “Succession,” many grapple with the transfer of authority to younger generations. Those who inherit the mantle must face a digital, environmentally challenged, globally knitted future, the likes of which their forebears could hardly have envisioned.

In March, Antoine and Olivier Roset were named co-chief executives of Roset SAS, a parent company of the French furniture brand Ligne Roset. Founded in 1860 by an earlier Antoine Roset, Ligne Roset began as a producer of walking sticks and umbrellas. Its current leaders are

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