This gender-free and anti-waste fashion brand is empowering its customers to be who they want to be, through style

Fashion designer MI Leggett is making gender-free and anti-waste clothing through their line Official Rebrand (@official_rebrand) that makes people feel more empowered, more embodied, and more themselves. “Style is really a poem you can write every day, say who you are, who you wanna be,” says MI. “It’s a way to turn your inside to the outside. Especially being gender nonconforming, style can be a tool to just construct the self that you truly are.”

The designer believes gender-free garments offer more freedom for self-expression than gendered clothing. “I think about gender-free because of freedom to play, freedom to experiment, freedom to figure out what’s right for you,” says MI.

In addition to making gender-free clothing, MI has also found a lot of fulfillment in repurposing garments, because waste is such a huge problem in the fashion industry. MI repurposes both pre-consumer and post-consumer pieces to

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