New York Fashion Week NFTs to unlock show invites and products

NFTs first surfaced at NYFW in February, offering exclusive rewards for guests from designers. Now, they’re granting access to more physical experiences and goods, a shift that reflects a growing trend in fashion and retail toward token-gating and phygital products. The keys are not the only blockchain-based tools to access NYFW experiences. Markarian is offering a host of NFT Private Salon memberships ($0 for Silver, $250 for Gold, and $3,000 for Diamond), which come with a chance to win invitations to the 14 September live show (the five Diamond holders are guaranteed invites). Rebecca Minkoff and Mavion also dropped 55 NFTs in July, five of which include tickets to Minkoff’s forthcoming NYFW show.

Early use cases are still nascent. But, if successful, fashion shows could plan to more regularly accommodate NFT holders, who are often brand loyal, engaged and active fans. It’s another way Web3 is working to democratise fashion

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