Robot dogs on runway! Machines outshine models at Paris Fashion Week show. Watch

Robot outshine models at Paris Fashion Week show
Image Source : TWITTER Robot outshine models at Paris Fashion Week show

Trending News: The fashion industry has always been known for its innovative and unique shows, but the recent Coperni fashion show in Paris took things to a whole new level. The fashion brand incorporated robots into their show, showcasing Boston Dynamics’ robotic canines alongside human models, which stole the limelight from the latter.

Coperni posted images of the show on their official Instagram page, describing it as a “modern fable about the relationship between humans and technology.” The brand’s vision was to showcase that there is no dominant or dominated relationship between mankind and machine, and that they can coexist in harmony. The robot dogs were also captured alongside models in one of the posts.

The show was met with a mixed response on social media. Some users expressed their excitement, while others expressed concerns about the

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