Robot dog reveals model’s outfit at Coperni show during Paris Fashion Week F/W 2023

Coperni is making waves on the internet for its latest presentation at Paris Fashion Week. The brand transported us to the world of super-robots as models shared the runway with canine automatons on Friday. Models, including Kate Moss’s daughter Lila, posed amid five robots as part of a theatrical performance, inspired by a French Fable – Le Loup et l’Agneau, which translates to The Wolf and The Lamb.

While the models represented the lambs, five robot dogs acted as wolves. The show was reminiscent of Alexander McQueen’s Spring 1999 presentation. 

The show was staged at the Théâtre National de la Danse in Paris.

Last year, designers Sébastien Meyer and Arnaud Vaillant gave the internet its most-viral moment of the year with Bella Hadid’s spray-paint dress. This year, Coperni took inspiration from a French fable and created another headline-grabbing sequence.

In the now-viral clips, a robot dog is

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Robots steal the show in Paris as they walk with models at fashion event | Trending

Robots steal the show in Paris as they walk with models at fashion event

The different fashion shows held in Paris often bring something new to the table that leave people stunned. In a recent event, Coperni, a fashion brand, took that concept to a whole new level after they included robots in their fashion show along with human models.

Coperni took to their official Instagram page to share images from the show that captures Boston Dynamics’ canine automatons stealing the limelight during the event. “The Fall Winter 23 collection is a modern fable about the relationship between humans and technology,” the design brand wrote. “The show presents Coperni’s vision which is that there is neither a dominant nor a dominated, but that mankind and machine can live in harmony,” they added. In yet another post, they also shared one more picture of the robot dog with a model.

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Models and robots share the runway at Coperni fashion show | Fashion

Welcome to the age of the super-robot.

With their impossible proportions, thousand-yard stares and supernatural ability to walk in 5in heels, catwalk models often appear a different species to regular humans.

But it was the models, including Kate Moss’s daughter Lila, who played the role of vulnerable, flesh and blood creatures at the Coperni fashion show in Paris, where they shared the stage with five robots.

Coperni partnered with Boston Dynamics for the first fashion show in which robots, rather than models, were the star turn.

As the lights went down, four pairs of green eyes began to flash in the darkness. When the “Spots” – Boston Dynamic’s robot canines, in tarantula stripes of yellow and black – stalked into the room, there was an audible collective intake of breath as each creature seemed to lock eyes with, and approach, an audience member.

The room took on an air of

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