20 Black-Owned Fashion Brands You Should Be Paying Attention To

Robyn Mowatt

Robyn Mowatt is a Staff Writer at Okayplayer where she…

Pink Telfar Bag from a Black-owned fashion brand

Photo by Edward Berthelot/Getty Images

Black-owned fashion brands deserve some love. Here’s a look at 20 stylish Black-owned brands that are on our radar.

In 2020, Black-owned fashion brands were heralded in a way that pushed them to the front of the fashion industry. With an uptick in coverage, these brands (and their designers) began to get the recognition they’d always deserved. Many of their collections flourished by word of mouth before they became embraced by the mainstream. But even before the acclaim, it was apparent that these designers were uniquely gifted, creating expressive and intricately designed pieces in streetwear and workwear.

If you’ve been searching for something to round out your go-to officewear or makes sense for your ever-changing tastes, you’ve come to the right space. Below, you’ll find an assortment of

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