Young Chinese Embrace ‘Gross Outfits’ at Work

When the weather turned cold in December, Cindy Luo started to wear her fluffy pajamas over a hooded sweatshirt at the office. Wearing cozy sleepwear to work became a habit, and soon she didn’t even bother to wear matching tops and bottoms, selecting whatever was most comfortable.

A few months later, she posted photos of herself to a “gross outfits at work” thread that had spread on Xiaohongshu, a Chinese app similar to Instagram. She was one of tens of thousands of young workers in China to proudly post pictures of themselves showing up at the office in onesies, sweatpants and sandals with socks. The just-rolled-out-of-bed look was shockingly casual for most Chinese workplaces.

“I just want to wear whatever I want,” said Ms. Luo, 30, an interior designer in Wuhan, a city in Hubei Province. “I just don’t think it’s worth spending money to dress up for work, since

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Oscars 2024: How A Dress Goes From Haute Couture Design To Red Carpet

(MENAFN- The Conversation) Designing an outfit for a celebrity to wear at the Oscars is often seen as a dream opportunity for fashion designers.

Yet, embarking on this journey demands financial investment, brand reputation, creative talent and technical expertise.

Haute couture literally translates as“high dressmaking.” In its strictest sense, this refers to a specific fashion house designation acknowledged by the French Fédération de la Haute Couture et de la Mode. More generally, the term is used to describe the business of creating meticulously crafted garments for an individual client or a special occasion.

Elite haute couture designers have consistently managed to dress celebrities for the Oscars.

Haute couture designers include renowned names like Valentino , Armani Privé , Schiaparelli Couture , Atelier Versace, Christian Dior , Chanel , Givenchy and Saint Laurent . More recently, it’s included Elie Saab , Vivienne Westwood , Giambattista Valli , Prada, Fendi Couture and

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Can Fashion Designers Be Successful Without Going Viral?

When fashion’s front row hurled rubbish at AVAVAV’s Fall/Winter 2024 runway in Milan, iPhone-gripping attendees knew they had captured viral gold. That same week, SUNNEI’s models divulged their candid mid-walk thoughts to form the show’s soundtrack: “The blonde in the second row, she thinks her review will change the world,” one said over the speakers. “I can’t wait to eat pasta,” another thought. In London, Charles Jeffrey Loverboy revealed life-like banana boots, which catalyzed chuckles across TikTok. And after Beyoncé made a last-minute trek to Brooklyn’s Bushwick neighborhood for Luar, The New York Times wrote that designer Raul Lopez had won “the attention lottery.”

Virality appears to be a prerequisite for industry success in 2024; without it, many labels, especially those emerging, find themselves trailing behind a drawn-out list of triumphant designers with digital buzz.

Must designers strive to break the Internet, or can they find the same success

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The Future Of E-Commerce Fashion Is Next Gen Brand Incubation

In an era where fashion transcends mere aesthetics and becomes a statement of identity and purpose, the industry stands on the brink of a transformative era. The global fashion market, which was valued at approximately $1.5 trillion in 2020, is poised to grow by 5-6% annually through 2025, according to a report by The Business Research Company. This growth is not just in figures but in the essence of what fashion represents, a blend of art, expression, and cultural narrative. Emerging amidst this transformative wave are brands that not only challenge the conventional but redefine the narrative of fashion and push the boundaries of e-commerce.

In recent years, the fashion industry has witnessed a surge in innovative brands that focus on sustainability, inclusivity, and unique design philosophies. These brands are not just selling clothes or

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Jordyn Woods Dives Into Fashion Brand Building, Navigating Criticism, and Beyond

Model-turned-entrepreneur Jordyn Woods has always served major style inspo, whether sporting daring crochet pieces or bold red looks. In January, the star launched a clothing brand, Woods by Jordyn, with the goal of empowering and celebrating every type of body. “We exist with one mission,” reads the brand’s mission statement, “to elevate, express, and exude confidence and individuality by providing attainable luxury garments.”

Woods recently welcomed Revolt TV hosts Rashad Bilal and Troy Millings into the Woods by Jordyn headquarters, sitting down to discuss her journey as a founder and designer, emphasizing that she’s mostly driven by a desire to build a legacy for herself. “I’ve done so many collaborations with different companies, and they were always successful — I sold out a lot of different collections,” she recalled. “I wanted to build something for myself.”

Woods’ history of partnerships with brands includes notable collaborations, such as her partnerships with

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Milan Harris, Founder Of Luxury Streetwear Brand Milano Di Rouge, Shares How To Create A Competitive Advantage In Fashion’s Shifting Market

The luxury fashion industry is set to grow between 5 and 12 percent this year. However, as the selection of quality goods has continued to grow, consumers have become far more sophisticated in their brand choices, creating steep competition within the category. Longing for deep experiential engagement beyond a material product, the cost of doing business has largely been influenced by a brand’s ability to spark a purposeful connection and hold a very personal conversation.

According to the joint report from consultancy firm, Bain & Co., and Italian trade group, Altagamma, keeping top customers engaged is more difficult than ever. As a result, the scale has become a significant advantage. Brands like Chanel, Hermès, and LVMH are set to outperform the rest as their top-tier status allows greater exposure to wealthier audiences who are

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From TikTok to Instagram: AELFRICEDEN Becomes the Go-To Brand for Social Media Fashion Influencers

One brand has captured the hearts and minds of fashionistas worldwide – AELFRICEDEN, a designer brand that emphasizes high-street fashion and a positive outlook on life.

Founded in 2014 in Los Angeles, CA. Aelfric Eden brings together a diverse upbringing influenced by Eastern and Western cultures, allowing them to bridge subcultures worldwide and create their unique expression.

Inspired by playing cards, Aelfric Eden’s logo features a missing letter A and a heart symbol. The missing A represents life dealing imperfect cards, while the heart symbolizes the ambition to overcome challenges and succeed. This logo serves as a reminder to embrace imperfections and face life’s obstacles with determination, embodying the core values of the brand.

The brand aims to inspire individuals to pursue their personal “Aces” through hard work and embracing imperfections. By integrating this philosophy into its designs, AE instills a vibrant and optimistic mindset in consumers. Through its

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Chicago fashion designer Robin Harris setting standard in partnerships with women athletes

There is success to be found in a well-timed direct message on social media.

Just ask Model Atelier founder and CEO Robin Harris.

‘‘When I started as a designer, I needed to figure out how to get my designs to tall women,’’ Harris said. ‘‘I slid into a [WNBA] player’s DMs and said: ‘Hey, I love your look. I think you will look amazing in our brand. Can I do a photo shoot with you?’ ’’

That player was Cheyenne Parker, whom the Sky had selected fifth overall in the 2015 WNBA Draft. (She now plays for the Dream.)

The relationship Harris fostered with Parker, who responded to her DM with a resounding ‘‘yes,’’ led to an official partnership with the Sky in 2016 and the Women’s National Basketball Players Association in 2018. Both partnerships put Model Atelier on the map, Harris said, and helped her to establish relationships

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the rise of the Olsen twins’ luxury brand

On a recent trip to Paris, the thing I bought that inspired the most envy was not tuberose soap from Buly or linen duvet covers from Merci. In fact, the item was not French at all but American. It was a pair of mesh slippers in a dark shade of blue by The Row, purchased from the resale company Resee for about €200, a third of what they originally sold for. One friend in a group chat said that if she wore the same size shoes as me, she would murder me for them. I’m not entirely sure she was joking.

Welcome to the cult of The Row, a label established in 2006 by former child stars Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen selling T-shirts for a couple of hundred dollars. Now? Their £3,000 coats are worn by Katie Holmes and the Duchess of Sussex, fashion editors will only carry their Read the rest

Viral Filter Works Perfect on Black Features, but Can It be Recreated With Makeup?

Photo:  Dan Kitwood / Staff (Getty Images), Screenshot:  Screenshot from Tiktok @avonnasunshine (Other)

Photo: Dan Kitwood / Staff (Getty Images), Screenshot: Screenshot from Tiktok @avonnasunshine (Other)

Yes, I am your typical “Gen-Zer” who has grown up with the good, bad, and ugly realities of social media filters. Instagram, Snapchat, and the infamous TikTok all allow their users to have a little bit of fun by putting filters on their pictures and videos to look like their favorite cartoon characters or animals, or controversially completely changing the shapes of their natural features to look like the Insta baddies that typically achieve their looks through plastic surgery.

So, what is this filter?

Currently, there is a TikTok filter called Bold Glamour that has over 8.2 million videos that have been made with the filter on. What’s making this filter go viral? It gives people that popular, “perfect” bold glam face often seen on celebrities like the Kardashians. Users of the filter get thicker brows, wider

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