L.A. Has a New Fashion Destination for Up-and-coming Designers

Persian creative Mina Alyeshmerni is bringing her online fashion boutique to a brick-and-mortar space with the opening of Maimoun at 8400 West Third Street in West Hollywood, not far from the popular Raquel Allegra and Noodle Stories boutiques.

Maimoun is derived from the Persian word “meh-moun,” meaning the company invited to visit one’s home for a gathering, and the store is designed to feel welcoming, with tasseled floor cushions inviting customers to stay and discover the up-and-coming brands Alyeshmerni has selected.

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“After being online for seven years now, it’s nice to have a home for everything and see it all together,” said Alyeshmerni, who moved from Brooklyn to L.A. during the pandemic. “I’m hoping to champion a little of New York in L.A., continue to work with emerging talent, and have this space continually change with one-off pieces or collaborations we might do.”



Taking a spin

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UK Streetwear Retailer Kick Game Is Opening A Store In Milan

All images via Kick Game

All images via Kick Game

London-based streetwear retailer Kick Game is set to expand internationally with the opening of its first European store in the heart of Milan.

Located just five minutes away from the city’s iconic Duomo di Milano, the 2,600 sq. ft space will mark a new era for the company as it prepares to bring the very best UK street style and sneakers to Italy. With stores in London, Newcastle and Birmingham, Kick Game has rapidly bolstered its presence within Britain’s streetwear and sneaker scene thanks to its renowned video content and collaborations with brands such as BAPE and Broken Planet.

“Milan is home to some of the world’s most iconic fashion houses and we are thrilled to be a part of that fabric,” says Kick Game’s CEO, Alicia Thompson. “The arrival of Kick Game in Milan sets us up to open more fresh stores as we

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Gowri’s Jewellery to open flagship store in Jubilee Hills

In pictures: End. opens first international store in Milan

// End. continues its store expansion programme with its first international location in Milan
// The new store is the luxury fashion retailer’s ‘most ambitious concept to date’, featuring three storeys of premium retail space

End. has opened its first international store in Milan, following recent openings in Manchester, Newcastle and Glasglow.

The luxury British retailer who specialises in trainers and streetwear, described the new location, at Via Mercanti 21 in the “cultural heart of Milan” as its most ambitious concept to date, featuring three storeys of premium retail space, including a dedicated sneaker zone.

While the top floor, which has a triple-height atrium and a view of the Duomo di Milano, is dedicated to womenswear.

Chief executive Parker Gundersen said: “Creating inspiring retail concepts is a key element of our strategy at End. and I’m so pleased with how well this project has come together in Milan.


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Supreme Store Moves to L.A. Location Once Home to a Tower Records Flagship

The new and improved Supreme store in West Hollywood has been open for only a week, but it immediately created a buzz and a streetwear-hungry crowd when it bowed on Feb. 16.

Limited merchandise drops sent people lining up on the sidewalk outside the Sunset Boulevard store, which previously had been a Tower Records outpost when records and compact discs were the way to listen to music.

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The streetwear brand, built on the principle of scarcity, needed room to grow. Its cramped quarters on Fairfax Avenue a few miles away played havoc with the neighborhood, where street parking was limited. It was not unusual for customers to camp out overnight on the sidewalk or line up a full day before a limited merchandise drop.

At 8,500 square feet, the store is almost twice as big as the Fairfax Avenue location and has some 40 parking spaces

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The best thrift shops in Ventura for bargain hunters

Ventura is a quintessential beach town — a little rustic, unpretentious and less frenetic than its counterparts in Orange County or L.A. You’re more likely to spot a vintage VW bus and The Dude wannabes in Ventura than people in suits driving shiny new Mercedes or BMWs.

So it’s no surprise that Ventura is also a thrift shop haven. These are not glamorous stores — many are warehouse-sized with well-worn flooring and scuffed-up walls — but that doesn’t seem to deter the throngs of bargain seekers or treasure hunters out for the ultimate thrift-store prize: something that’s selling for way more on Ebay.

Maybe it’s these high-inflation times but Ventura’s thrift stores are busy even on weekdays — mothers holding sleeping babies, rapidly searching through toddler clothes on borrowed time; preteens critically examining skirts or jeans for stains or (hopefully) rips; a young man in cutoffs trying on button-down shirts

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