TheArsenale Opens Showroom In Doha Design District

The Doha Design District in Doha, Qatar is known for its luxury fashion, furniture design and art exhibitions. Now, a new fashion brand has been added to the mix—the avant-garde activewear brand, TheArsenale.

Their new showroom, which opened last week, showcases the future of fashion captured through the lens of an adventurous wanderlust spirit.

The new showroom showcases their first activewear collection for women, which is designed by the brand’s co-founder, Marcela Mayorga de Meignan. “Our new womenswear collection fuses together the worlds of luxury and speed,” she said.

These onesies, sports jackets and dresses are for jet setters who want comfort to fit into their luxury lifestyles, whether they’re trotting around the globe or in the comfort of their own homes.

It also speaks to the future of air and land transport, and what we would typically wear when seated as a passenger of driverless, electric modes of transportation.

The new collection features casualwear like their Parachute Pants, to chic outfits like their neon yellow jumpsuits they call their Flysuits. “Powerful women inspire everything that I do,” said Mayorga Meignan. “It’s so important in today’s world to innovate in fashion, and to be unafraid of breaking conventions.”

The collection also includes a Crop Top Hoodie in white, which has stripes down both arms, calling to mind tire tracks, and their chic Yoga Set. Several pieces from the new collection put a focus on ergonomic cuts and moisture-wicking fabrics.

The new pop up is called TheArsenale Mobility Design Hub, and their latest travel-inspired fashion collection is on view alongside artworks and modes of transportation, like the Reverso Air, a small tech-savvy sailboat.

Expect to see airplane propellers, to spark the imagination, and look to the future of the globe’s transportation, whether it’s flying cars to futuristic motorbikes or electric snow bikes.

TheArsenale was founded by Patrice Meignan in 2017, out of his love of futuristic mobility design, or the automotive avant-garde.

The brand connects fashion with transportation design in a way that hasn’t been done before, whether it’s attire is designed to match the aesthetics and spirit of everything from yachts to hypercars, EPS surfboards and flying taxis.

Previously, the brand has opened stores in New York City, Macau, and Miami. It’s basically the only fashion boutique you can go into to not only see clothing, but artwork on the walls paired up with airplanes, motorbikes, high-end cars, as well as electric boats, marine scooters, and skateboards.

Walking into their showrooms feels much like walking into an aviation museum, but with attire so you can step into the world yourself.

“TheArsenale has always been a testament to the fusion of art, innovation, and futuristic mindset,” said Patrice Meignan, the CEO and founder of TheArsenale.

“Our commitment to showcasing exceptional craftsmanship, revolutionary design, and pioneering ideas resonates deeply with the cultural values that Qatar holds,” he said. “We have a shared passion for excellence, creativity, and pushing boundaries.”

French creative entrepreneur Patrice Meignan first founded the brand in 2017. It pays homage to Venice, specifically the Arsenale di Venezia, home to a historical shipyard that has been active since the 12th century.

The brand has collaborated with artists like Daniel Arsham, Roger Dubuis, Gumball3000, and Luka Sabbat, and has co-created a photo book with Miami-based artist, Riocam.

Next up, TheArsenale will open their next boutique in Mexico City. Follow @thearsenale on Instagram for more details.

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