WATCH: Artist paints AKA on her chest!

Makeup artist Vunene Mabasa shows her latest artwork. Photo from Facebook

Makeup artist Vunene Mabasa shows her latest artwork. Photo from Facebook

ARTIST Vunene Mabasa has used her makeup skills to pay tribute to late rapper Kiernan “AKA” Forbes. 

She posted a photo of herself, with a makeup portrait depicting the face of AKA on her chest, on Tuesday 21 February.

The 27-year-old from Chavani in Limpopo was praised by many on social media. 

Vunene said the video she shared on social media got 200 000 views within a day, which left her speechless.

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“I wasn’t expecting such a crazy and humbling response. This was my first time sketching a person on my chest, which is very difficult to do compared to drawing on paper,” she said.

“The bookings that started coming in left me so grateful. I can’t thank everyone’s positive energy enough.” 

She said she began doing makeup in 2019 after being unable to secure a job after completing her computer systems engineering degree from Tshwane University of Technology (TUT).

“As a fan of his excellent music, I felt the need to honour such talent of a legend at our disposal.

“It took me more than six hours to be precise and complete my makeup,” she said.

AKA was killed on Florida Road in Durban, KZN, on 10 February. 

Two other AKA fans, @NonoAdele and @ Charmaine lalla, took to Twitter and shared their tattoos of the star.

Fans expressed their opinions on the impressive body art. With some remarking that it was a considerate means of paying tribute, while others felt that it might have been excessive. 

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